Wedding Wardrobing

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Wedding Wardrobing is The Art of Creating an entire Collection specifically for the Couple to be. Centered around your Wedding Theme and Colour Story for each of your Wedding Events.

Here are some examples that showcase our Mermaid' s Wedding Collection. Her Fairytale is titled Sirenes Au Paradis "The Mermaid and The Angel". These are the events of her choice. During your personal consultation you will be able to decide which events you would like to include in your package. We have also partnered with a few sister companies to produce coordinating collections for grooms, and the bridal party as well. Packages can be designed to accommodate all areas of your wedding party. These services will be available through an a la carte menu.

Your Trousseau will be a reflection of your personal theme, style, and colour story. Don't be afraid to be as imaginitive as your mind allows you to be. This is all about creating a special experience tailored to you. Your Majesties.

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