Divinity Rose

An Entity most precious

Valiant and Wise

The Divine Feminine

The flower by nature

She holds one of the most infinite powers in the universe.

To understand her is to understand that Hers is the most influential energy in existence.

A most powerful being

The more she learns to Love herself and finesse who she is, the more she is able to obtain all of the favor of God and attract Love and Wealth in abundance.

Her Power is femininity, magnetism

She attracts what she needs and multiplies what is given to her. Fruitfulness is her gift.

A Queen. A Goddess. A Woman

She knows and understands her position. She considers every move. An architect of strategy. A leader by nature but stillness is her greatest weapon.

Tantalizing, Exotic, and illustrious.

Stem sturdy, Petals plush, and Rooted deep.

Radiant and Angelic

She is Love and Beauty

A Siren, An Amazonian Queen.

The world revolves around her.

Bringing her needs most essential.

Her Children are Her Light. They are the Sun shining down on her. She bathes in their Rays, their Love. Even in her darkest hours her thoughts of them keep her, especially in times of solitude and separation.

They are the source of her ambitions. Her drive. She keeps pressing because she knows they need to see her at her best. At her greatest and highest potential.

Even though they may leave her at times they always come back to her. For they know she is their home.

Generous and Affectionate

Her brothers and sisters are her keepers, the Butterflies and the Bees,

They often remind her of just how special she truly is. As they enjoy her nectar, the goodness and sweetness of her heart, they keep her uplifted.

Making her remember to nurture herself and to be just as Loving, sweet, kind, and compassionate with her own person as she so often is to the rest of the world.

Virtuous and Sincere

Her Parents, and God parents are the winds of change, the very air she breathes. What they breathe out she takes in. An absorption of knowledge and wisdom. Years of sage advice and experience. She learns from the places they have traveled and the lessons they’ve taught her.

They are the winds surrounding her. Helping her to shift and to sway. They teach her how to move and instill in her the ways to stand upright in a world that constantly suggests that she concedes her worth. When she doesn’t have the strength they gather themselves under her leaves and help her to keep her balance.

Mystical, Spiritual, and Transcendent

Her ancestors are her roots. They are the parts of her that not everyone knows, but everyone sees, in who she has become, who she is, and How she lives.

Her being is a direct result of those who came before her. Those she knew and those she didn’t. The things they planted long before she came to be, years of prayers, and generational blessings, sometimes even curses. Those things which have sculpted her reality.

They’ve laid the groundwork and created the foundation on which she stands and even in the moments when she withers away, she always comes back; thriving on the supplements of her divine predecessors.

Faithful and Holy

God is the seed within her. She carries him inside of her. Never being without him. He is a part of everything she creates and produces, everything she does, where she comes from, and how she lives on.

Her relationship with God and care for him is her greatest accomplishment. Learning how to Love and Trust God has taught her how to Love and Trust herself.

She know’s she is nothing without him.

Although she could continue to exist, she ultimately knows that without God’s presence her life would be empty and barren. So she tends to her God with the utmost care.

Always giving him the glory he so deserves and in turn he brings forth life in everything that’s connected to her.

God is the very Essence of her. Without God she could never have come to be.

A Magician, A Healer

In quietness she sits amongst the other flowers, taking in the fullness of her surroundings, brushing off the dirt of life, mending what has been plucked away by the insects circling about her. Yet, She stands. Even while she is sometimes writhing. She knows it is her duty to keep flourishing.

This is where she lives.

Her Garden.

An enchanting place for an Enchanting Woman

Somehow, Everything she needs finds it’s way to her.

She knows that enemies may come, that harsh storms may sweep through, and tear away at her, but she remembers her Seed, her Roots, her Sun, and her Family. All of the Beauty that so often surrounds her.

So she weathers the trials and keeps her head high. She knows eventually they too shall pass. And Joy will come in the Morning.

As the debris settles and she pulls herself back up from the soil, Her tenacity springs forth.

She blooms and blossoms ever so eloquently.

Tending to her Beauty from the inside out.

She knows now that it’s up to her to teach the world how to treat her. For her very existence depends upon it.

She demands to be planted in a safe space, Never allowing herself to be plucked. Using her thorns whenever necessary.

Every now and again she allows herself to be pruned and stripped down so that she can grow to be even more beautiful.

She is to be Served, Catered to, and Showered upon.

Her soul must be poured into.

This is how she must be handled.

With the utmost care and concern.

This is how she finds herself.

Whole, Supple, and Strong

A Woman

A Divine Woman

A Complete Woman

Yet even in all of this she still longs for something more.

She still needs her Divine Masculine

The Divine Man

The Complete Man

He is the water that nourishes her person.

Strong and Fluid, Calm yet Crushing,

Transparent, and opaque all at once.

He is vast and deep, widely known, but so full of uncharted territory.

Powerful and Enticing, Gentle, but Respected

Fearless. He has the power to soothe, but when necessary he can destroy.

An Angel and A Warrior

He is simple in necessity. Yet a complex being. He moves best when he is in flow with life.

Within him lies an entire world unknown to many, but he streams himself into her. He shares his truths with her. He Loves Her.

His divine energy encapsulates and rushes through her vines, her veins. As he seeps into her pores she takes him in.

Receiving his Love stimulates her from the inside. She begins to exude a Vibrancy that she had not before.

As he continues to nourish, she continues to grow, becoming a version of herself that she could not know without him.

He purifies her and washes away her blemishes and spots. He is her Provider, her Protector, her Lover, and her Friend.

She becomes his passion. His heart for her is tender. His Love is Patient, and Kind. He supports her growth and motivates her beauty.

She drinks of him, and he reflects her Love, her Loveliness. As she blossoms and bears fruit, his surface begins to change. He looks like her, shimmering with color and buoyancy. They wear one another proudly.

This is Divine Matrimony.

The artistry of their Love is picturesque. A symphony to be played amongst the ears of the world. They are the perfect compliment to one another. They rise up together. She takes up her roots and walks, floating, swimming in him. He carries her home.

They move in Harmony. A composition most affluent and influential. Their Love is invaluable, impenetrable.

Time is no consequence for them. He will always find his way to her. For what God has put together can no man put asunder. They have been together since the beginning of time and shall live on. Their Legacy is Love. The world is their Kingdom. Heaven for them dwells on Earth.

What they share is Beautiful and Devout.

A ministry

A Divinely Anointed Love.

Only God himself could Create such a union.

Even when they couldn’t see it

He knew just how much they’d need each other.

Water and Earth.

The sustainers of life.

Marvelous and Eternal


God’s most sacred embodiment.

God personified

A three fold chord

In them God planted himself and In togetherness

Divinity Rose.

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