Orange Moon

I’m an Orange Moon. I live in the place where the day meets night and the night meets day. Knowing how beautiful I am at times I forget to notice myself for the Sun. So I spend my time acknowledging his beauty but not my own. I’m an orange moon. The sun’s reflection, Your reflection beams off my heart. I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful, more graceful, peaceful, but radiant. Your brokenness is hidden beneath the rays of your spirit. I know your fragility. You scorch and you scorn to keep yourself safe, but you can’t hide from me. I see you. I’ve always seen your Love and your light. However you’ve been hurt and you’ve been abused so you blind the masses so that they won’t look into you. You hide yourself with smiles and laughter. It works, but not with me. I feel you. I am an orange moon. When you smile...I smile, when you hurt...I hurt, when you sing... I sing. LOVE. You are  not alone. The preciousness of our LOVE was crafted and created specifically to dance in the skies amongst the day and the night. God’s Perfect Beauty exists in the rareness of our Waltz. The intricacies of our stories creates the art of OUR WORLD. In my hands I hold the pieces you thought you'd lost. Delicate. Extraordinary. Valuable beyond measure. Truest works of art. The brokenness of your heart. I am an orange moon. A painter. A master craftsman. A healer. A magician. Beautiful and exquisite. In seeing you. I learned to look at me. At my reflection. At my capabilities. At the affect I have on the world. On you. You see me. You feel me. You LOVE me. OUR LOVE DESERVES EVERYTHING. That will always be worthy of staying in orbit with YOU. Reflecting the light of the Sun.

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