An Infinite Divine Love

Infinite- limitless or endless in space, impossible to measure or calculate

Divine- of or from God

Appointed- decided on beforehand; designated Love- an intense feeling of deep constant affection and personal attachment Infinite Divinely Appointed Love A limitless and immeasurable, deep, constant personal connection specifically assigned by God

Learning to hear God in everything I do and choice I make has become a personal goal of mine and it has been for some time now. Understanding his purpose for my life is the greatest aspiration of my existence and so it has come as no surprise to me that my outlook on Love has changed or rather matured as well. It has become a spiritual desire more than a physical or emotional one. In this place I've also become innately aware and very sensitive to what should and shouldn't be in my personal space. Friendships are one thing ,but a relationship,marriage requires a certain type of fuel. A divine one. Often times we seek relationships based on our physical. Emotional, mental, and even sometimes financial desires, but neglect to acknowledge the spiritual. Those attributes are often times very easy to spot and even navigate through because although they are somewhat deep they merely scratch the surface of fulfillment in our lives. Needless to say even when we sometimes find relationships that seem potentially amazing and lasting they end up being over after just a few years or even a few months.. This is because the glue that holds them together is not strong enough to withstand the pressures and weathering of time. More than likely the bodies or passion change, or the mind begins to mature and you find yourselves growing apart, the finances become a burden one way or another, and the emotional balance becomes unbalanced due to life's constant  changes, but the one thing that is usually very solid is the spirit of a person; especially when God is at the core.

Over time I began to realize how important this is to marriage and slowly, but surely found myself understanding more and more why dating for me has always been so uneasy. It was because my spirit understood what i needed in order to have a marriage versus just another relationship. But there were many obstacles that came with this territory. The biggest one was trusting God to know what is better for me than I knew or know for myself. It requires a level of discipline and obedience that often times made me feel inadequate, crazy, and for a greater part of my so far adult life alone. But you know there is something spectacular about the way God works; Even when you can't see the end you know that when you get there it is going to be far greater than anything you could possibly have imagined for yourself. You see God is an artist, a creator and he specializes in customizing that special life and special someone designed specifically with each one of us in mind;so that we can live our most fulfilled lives. The reason we often times miss that or take so long to get to it though is because we have a tendency to want to do God's work for him and make our own way, fighting against the very will of God for our lives. Sometimes we hold on to things, people, and even parts of our old selves even after we have been spiritually reborn and cultivated, keeping us from obtaining what God has for us. Sometimes God even wants us to release the person he has for us just so he can make them what he needs them to be for us. Ironic right?! My truth in the matter is I'd rather wait and have one majorly blessed and fulfilled experience than to go through a rigorous and tiring amount of test runs just because I couldn't or wouldn't be obedient. God revealed to me a while ago who my husband is, so I kept trying to make it happen on my own. But recently he informed me to release it and to my surprise now more than ever I feel my happily ever after is closer than before. Trust, is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or strength of someone or something and I trust my God to lead me everywhere he needs me to be, but more than simply leading me, I trust him to lead my husband to me, and when he comes he will not be afraid, he will not shy away, be impatient, or anything less than the man God needs him to be for me and our/ his ministry. Divinely Appointed Love reaches far beyond just having a relationship with another person. It is meant to heal the lives of those who see and or experience it. Patience, however is key; waiting in God while continuously working to improve self. Utilizing this time to love, honor, and cherish God and oneself creates the space to receive all God has for us. Learning to accept God's will for my life although trying at times has become my life's purpose and understanding what he has promised me gives me the security to wait on him. To wait for my Divinely Appointed Love. Divinely Yours, Naima Omi Ferbos

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