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The Process

Each wedding wardrobe begins as an idea then takes its journey to become a truly magnificent manifestation. The process begins with a consultation where you, the bride or couple, and the designer sit face to face and discuss your ideas, thoughts, and what it is that you desire to have. Next the designer will ask about your couple story and wedding theme, if you don’t have a theme the designer will help you find the one that’s right for you. Then you'll decide how many events you will need pieces for and the timeline. From there, ideas about silhouettes, colors, and embellishments are tossed around and your first full sketch is created right before your eyes to determine if the designer’s thoughts are headed in the right direction for you. The illustrations will combine your dreams with the designer’s aesthetic, practicality, functionality, a little bit of enchantment, and a whole lot of magic.


The design is based solely on your personality, style, and those intimate details that you want showcased on your special day. If there are any discrepancies with the design, notes will be taken and corrections will be made along with the completion of all other designs for your scheduled events. The remaining design process will take approximately 7-14 business days to complete depending on the number of looks that have to be done. Please keep in mind there is a $25 charge per sketch for additional looks.


Once the designs are finalized the price and deposit amount will be given in correspondence to the construction, labor, fabric, detailing, convenience, and production time of each specific design. Once all logistics are out of the way and the deposit payment is made your Fairytale Wedding Wardrobe is ready to come into fruition. The number of looks you choose are at your complete discrepancy. 


Now, BRACE YOURSELF, you are in for a magical voyage as we prepare you for one of the most Amazing moments of your life. It is truly going to be a Once in a Lifetime Experience.

What Theme best tells your Love Story?
Every wedding has a theme. Whether it be Rustic Romance, Ethereal Perfection, or Simple Elegance. Your Couture Bridal collection will reflect your chosen wedding theme. However, if you haven't chosen one there is no need to fret. Our designer is known for her great vision and will gladly assist you in your decision to create the best possible inspiration for your attire and your big day.
Colour Story
What are your
Royal Colours?

Colour makes the world go round and your Wedding Wardrobe is no different. When creating your collection, your desired colours and accents will be intricately woven into your designs to highlight those Royal Garbs. Your colours should reflect the vision that paint your Wedding Portrait as vividly as you see it in your mind. Different shades and tones will set the tone for your

Bridal Ensembles.

How do we showcase your
 Best Features?

Each design is an orchestration of your preferences with the designer's aesthetic and vision. Each look is created to fully embody  your persona, whether it be your everyday self or the self you have longed to be throughout your Matrimonial experience. Silhouettes and shapes are chosen to best compliment your body and showcase your best features. The design is created for you to wear it not for it to wear you!

What Fabrics best compliment your Exquisite Design?

What is an amazing design without the perfect fabric. At NFBC we make sure that we find the most ideal fabrics to fully manifest your Bridal Vision. Fabrics are hand selected by the designer specifically for your gown. Fabrics are chosen by their uniqueness and consistency with your design. The forever goal at NFBC is to always create in real life exactly what you see on paper. The fabric is essential to making sure that your designs are a reality.